February 18, 2013

Aesculapian Snake

This is a non-venomous snake found in northern and central Italy (and other countries), although if bitten you still need to seek medical attention immediately. It can grow to approximately 200cm in length, but it usually averages between 140cm-160cm.  The snake is often a light
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Villa Erba

The villa formed the main part of the property annexed to the Convent of Santa Maria Assunta of Cernobbio, which was run by the nuns of the Cluniac Benedictine order. It is said that one of the first descriptions of this villa dates back to the 15th century, where the villa
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Villa Monastero

Villa Monastero is situated in Varenna on the eastside of Lake Como.  It is thought that this villa was founded after the attack on Isola Comacina during the war between Como and Milan (before the 1200’s.) The villa was once a Cistercian convent until the mid 1500’s
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