Lake Como is known for its relatively mild weather. Average daily temperatures range from about 2 °C (36°F) in January to 30°C (86°F) in July.    Due to the unusual micro-climate of Lake Como, the summers tend to be long and winters are short and mild. Summer conditions can begin
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Lake Como Winds

Lake Como has a complex wind system due to all the surrounding valleys. The two most commonly known winds which sweep across the lake are the tivano which blows from a valley called “Valtellina” from the north-east in the morning and the breva which blows from the south in the
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Lake Como has a micro-climate resulting in a Mediterranean style climate with lots of sun and warm temperatures.  The temperatures here vary considerably compared to Milan, due to its alpine location (even though it is only 25 miles north of Milan).  Because of this phenomenon,
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