italian words

Time Phrases

Here are some time related phrases.  For further information on telling the time please have a look at our ‘Telling the Time’ article. section. ENGLISH           ITALIAN           PRONUNCIATION & EMPHASIS next week la settimana prossima la setteemana prosseema
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Days, Months, Seasons

Below is a list of days of the week, months of the year and the seasons in Italian along with the English translation as well as how to pronounce the words. ENGLISH           ITALIAN           PRONUNCIATION & EMPHASIS DAYS Monday lunedì loonedee Tuesday martedì martedee
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Italian Greetings

Below you will find a list of standard greetings in Italian along with their meaning in English as well as how to pronounce the word.  The words with certain letters that are highlighted in bold show you which part of the word you should emphasize more. ENGLISH ITALIAN
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